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May 2011

New CD "Drum Poems" is out now!

Available: 5€ (+1€ postage)

August 2010

New trio with Jone Takamäki (flutes),
Tuomas Rounakari (violin)

June 2010

New "POEMS for DRUMS" -solo-CD recording
is happening this summer. At last!

June 2009

"KAS KAS" available at Digelius Music
(Laivurinrinne 2 /Viiskulma, Helsinki). 10e.

January 2009

New CD is out now!
KAS KAS (CD GOD001) Solo and duo recordings from 2007-08. All music is improvised in real time with no overdubbings.

Tracks 1,3, 7, 9, 11 recorded at Hetekka Factory, Helsinki 2007 by Iikka Kahri.
Tracks 2, 5, recorded at TEAK, Helsinki 2007 by Ari Kinnunen.
Tracks 4 and 8 recorded at GMC studios, Helsinki 2008 by Vesa Laine.
(Thanks for Robin DeWan for borrowing those tracks!)
Tracks 6 and 10 recorded at Crown Factory, Helsinki 2008 by Iikka Kahri.

May 2008

8 hours Solo Performance "Godot's Non Stop" is coming on 24.8. (12-20) at Gallery Maa-Tila (Helsinki). Video and light installation there by Tomasz Szrama.

Soundtrack for Tomasz Szrama's 25 minutes art video And God Said: "Let there be light" has been created with Aki Himanen and Keramick & Lobo at Pop&Jazz Academy.

April 2008

B.I.C. (Beyond Improvisation Colective) has been founded with Jaana Klevering, Jaap Klevering and Eija Kankaanranta.

October - December 2007
Two succesful ElectroNights has been createad at Kanneltalo and Kaapeli (HIAP) with Jaap Klevering, Jone Takamäki and Tomasz Szrama.

05.06. 2007
Otzir, Aki Suzuki & Jone Takamäki at Koko Theatre

02.04. 2007
Sini Haapalinna's graduate work "Extreme Imaging Sensescope" reheasals started at TEAK Helsinki. Performances coming on August 2007.

01.03. 2007
Godot at MySpace. Music is coming soon. Look at those strange friends!

05.02. 2007.
Sessions started with Heitor Stojokopff the great on sax. Check out the MP3.

Godot is invited to Body Navigation Festival
in St Petersburg on 28-31.7. 2007. Several performances
will be there with Aki Suzuki, Jone Takamäki and ZOGA.

Godot's home planet Epatto Records is created
and founded by director chief Jyri Luukkonen.
Epatto is international calling for creative
and experimental music environments.


-Godot involved with
-Coming very soon:
-New events in Calendar!!

7.9. 12-12:20, 13-13:20
At Helsinki Espa park
Aki Suzuki
(Asia Europe People's Forum)


New promo percussion music CD
is coming in this autumn.


Godot's site has landed!
Godot's own radio broadcasting station
is coming here in the near future!
Listen to and enjoy free music
from rehearsal palaces.